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from pennsylvania. that was a working class blue collar, pro-gun, pro-life, marriage wasn't an issue, hard working work ethics. moved to the suburbs and germans and irish party. the local barowners went down and represented their people. fast forward to today. and the political insurgency has been successful. there is no doubt about it. when i was growing up in this state the mandells and birches -- it wasn't republican and democrats. i was one of 13 republicans of 147 when i was elected. we met in a small phone booth. it didn't matter republicans were not existent. it was healthy because there were liberal and the county had its own thing. and it was a healthy state. and a healthy country. the jackson and john f kennedy stood for cutting taxes. look at today. kennedy couldn't get the nomination today. and by the way, i want to go home and watch primary colors again and see what was true and what wasn't. the era of big government -- president clinton said that. he was absolutely wrong and that is another reason why i wrote my book. there is a lot of editorial comment with regard to t
's extraordinary. now, 100 soldiers and sailors. that's all. two columns tramped down pennsylvania on their way to the white house. on iert side of them were double rows of poplar trees planted by thomas jefferson. when one of the men started to talk, an officer shouted silence. i'll shoot the first man who speaks. slaves scurried ahead. the ring runs a boarding house. major general robert ross entered under the low door and began to tease the woman saying madame, we have come to sock with you. terrified woman. tried to steer across the road to the hotel, but cross wouldn't have it. he said that he preferred the view of the government buildings from her boarding house. and so the friegtsenned woman went to the backyard to slaughter chickens for them. now t british were exhausted. they fought an hour-long battle and a heat so intense that 18 of the men dropped dead from heat exhaustion. then they marched 6 months southwest of the capital and then burned the capital and tramped almost a mile down pennsylvania avenue to where they were now. they were famished and thirsty. admiral george coburn was
: tonight, all eyes will be here on this small stadium in the pennsylvania wild. taking the field, giants among little leaguers. mo'ne davis and the philadelphia taney dragons versus chicago's ja jackie robinson's west. >> 7-4 chicago. >> you're a confident man. >> i'm confident because the kids are confident. >> reporter: is anyone better than you? >> sorry, but nobody. >> reporter: not philly? >> not philly. >> reporter: coach darrell butler and his son d.j. are chicago's best little league hope in 31 years. >> just have fun with it, okay? >> okay. >> reporter: an all african-american team of 13 boys from chicago's south side. >> seeing what these kids are doing is showing the other side of chicago that you might not hear about. >> reporter: why don't you think baseball is a big deal in the african-american community anymore? >> baseball to me is a sport that fathers pass down to their kids. my father taught me the game. so i teach my son the game. with no fathers in the home, it's kind of hard to teach this game of baseball. >> reporter: just one reason it caught the attention of major
. beautiful quarter this evening. that's to the sweet spot. steve in pennsylvania. >> caller: jim, how you doing? thanks so much for taking the call. you have the best personality in the business. >> oh, man, you're too nice. thank you. >> caller: my question, you made a call about three months ago, canadian pacific. 155, it's up to 200 now. my question is it's got a p.e. now of almost 38. do i stay the course? >> i have two words for you. not done. let me be specific, not done. i'm going to -- it's a twofer because i'm in a generous and jovial mood. i'm giving you union pacific to go with canadian pacific and that, ladies and gentlemen, is the conclusion of the lightning round. >> announcer: the lightning round is sponsored by td ameritrade. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ tires screech ] chewley's finds itself in a sticky situation today after recalling its new gum. [ male announcer ] stick it to the market before you get stuck. get the most extensive charting wherever you are with the mobile trader app from td ameritrade. wherever you are with the mobile trader app so i can reach ally bank 24/7, but ther
out to storm scan three showing the entire state of pennsylvania seek some form of wet weather. northern and western suburbs and not even seeing much at this hour most of it, over central pennsylvania and these storms looking as though theytheys but do i want to show you up near williamsport north and west, it is a severe thunderstorm warnin that particular cell and moving south and eastlliamsport. that is ly coming county where williamsport is>> youorms popped western suburbs, lancaster county and another one on i-95 eastern maryland moving in portions of northern delaware here very shortly. we have here in a slight risk for severe weather tonight. that bull's eye they issued late this afternoon severe risk damaging rain and hail with any then are storm that does pop up tonight. future weather, most of these will miss philadelphia to the south and west but in new castle county delaware, southern chester county and kent county delaware watch for storms and cannot rule them out in the city tonight. for that eagles game at lincoln financial feel we will we will keep an eye to th
in pennsylvania and will not be presented to the jury. prosecutors reveal they had believe regusters searched online how to get rid of dna rape evidence and she also searched for the kind of muss garb you see in this surveillance video from january 2013. regusters is charged with abducting her 5-year-old victim from bryant elementary school and wearing a burqa-to-to pose as the child's mother. the girl was found in an upper darby playground 18 hours aft her abduction. regusters main tapes her innocence. she is expected to argue someone else in her home had access to her computer and there were other suspects involved. prosecutors say -- and said today in court the child's injure police so severe, she needed recop strucktive surgery. again shall the now-7-year-old child, victim is expected to testify in court the first week of the trial again, starting on monday. live at the criminal justice center, lu ann cahn, nbc 10 news. >>> nbc 10 has a copy of a letter offering more clues what may have caused the plane that crashed and killed businessman, louis katz. gulfstream aerocorporation says the p
in guinea, liberia, nigeria and sierra leone. >> pennsylvania law mack kerr is calling for an investigation into philadelphia's schools. state senator vincent hughes has row leased results of a report that says budget cuts are hitting schools hard. he says, the pa department of education needs to look into it. he says last year was rough and this year could be worse. hughes worries harrisburg will not sign off on philadelphia's plan to hike the cigarette tax to raise school money. >> i believe that we can get this done in the senate. however -- however, the failures over the last several months of moving this issue cause me great concern that it will be addressed in the fall. >> the first day for philly schools is september 8th. the school reform commission is meeting right now discussing some of their key issues before the start of school and we will have the latest tonight at 10:00. >>> keeping children safe camden school officials say that's at the top of their agenda this year. >> there will be major high tech changes in place to keep kids safe before, during and after class. the call t
. cool! [curiously] how'd you know? you've been staring at that new instant game from the pennsylvania lottery. yep. "muscle car money." i could win up to $100,000, or a ford mustang gt. (announcer) wanna see your dreams come to life? you could scratch your way to instant winning today. fuzzy dice. nice. [announcer] the pennsylvania lottery. bring your dreams to life. >>> "action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rogers, meteorologist, cecily tynan and jim gardner. >>> thursday night, there are new details tonight btd woman accused of kidnapping a 5-year-old and the search intensifies for the person that caused this explosion. but the big story on "action news" tonight is all about the taney dragons and their last chance to stay in the hunt for a little league championship. but it's more than that. "sports illustrated" hit the news stand today with taney's mo'ne davis on the cover, despite taking the loss against nevada, davis has had an extraordinary impact on the little league world series and is a star but will not be on the mound tonight. chad pradelli is liv
is where we are, were only 25 yards distant. one regimen in the area was the 48th pennsylvania infantry. some troops in this regimen were coal miners. they thought they could mine underneath a confederate battery, filling the end of the mine with gunpowder and blow a hole into the confederate lines. the digging began on june 25th and the mine was completed by about a month later. total length of the mine is 586 feet. they removed 18,000 cubic feet of earth in the construction of the mine. the sounds of digging actually once they got up judged neej confederate battery were heard by the infantrymen located in the position here. they were looking for the mine. rumors were flying and anywhere where the lines were close, they were digging. the confederates were digging listening galleries to see if they could hear sounds of digging. and there is one spot right out here where the confederate counter mine goes over top of the union mine. they just didn't go deep enough. the union mine was about 16 feet down at this point. the confederate listening gallery would go about eight to ten feet. so t
. >> carl from pennsylvania, i don't buy anything i know from china. you want to buy all american when it comes to chicken. we love hearing from you. go to >>> farmers almanac says batten down the hatches that this winter may be worse than the last. but do you believe them? or do you trust your local weather person. richard says he trusted my sigh at can. jimmy writes, the best forecast i ever known was called out the window weather. looked out the window and called the weather. i believe that. facebook, katy says, farmer's almanac. at least they're close. here is steve. no one. it is what it is when it arrives. still to come my two cents more. more than 34 million americans hitting the road next week. what should they expect to find at the pump? we have good news coming up next. ♪ [ male announcer ] since we began, mercedes-benz has pioneered many breakthroughs. ♪ breakthroughs in design... breakthroughs in safety... in engineering... and technology. and now our latest creation breaks one more barrier. presenting the cla. starting at $29,900. ♪ gerri: lowest gas
in parts of central pennsylvania, some approaching the area like lancaster county, some storms down in maryland as well. we will start with the one approaching lancaster county, near lancaster by 6:07, west caln by 7:01, newark, if it holds together, by 736, a lot of these storms very quickly and seen a lot die down as fast as they popped up. keep watching this for you. one thunderstorm here which is pretty strong is in maryland, this is moving very slowly around 10 miles an hour, should be around middletown, holds together, by 7:28 in claim the, by 8:17, this one, heavy rain, a lot of lightning, could see damming winds and phone information hail. that is mostly to the southeast. if we look off to our west, harrisburg, heavy rain, you have seen the showers are building and then dying down. this is going tonight the case for the evening, see pop-up strong thunderstorms or pop-up showers but maybe not very long lasting. in sussex county, we have seen showers popping up and dying out, but you one thunderstorm here is right around laurel, see ford, mills bore rocker these have been rema
people there are trying to answer the ♪ >> guilty, a jury says a pennsylvania woman downloaded child pornography if in failed attempt to frame her estranged husband in western pennsylvania where the indiana county da says mary jane woods downloaded 40 images of the family computer then took it to police then blamed her hub. but police discover the images were downloaded more than two weeks after she kicked him out of their home. now she could get nine years in prison and may have to register as a megan's law offender. >> developing now, tension may be easing in ferguson missouri. police say last night may have been a turning point in the violent protests that have playing the city for two weeks. my sorrow' governor ordered the national guard to begin withdrawing today. the violence started when a police officer shot and killed 18 year old mikail brown almost two weeks ago. he was not armed but police say he attacked the cop. a grand jury is considering whether or not to charge the officer. the story of course sparking a lot of debate across the count country. >> frustration looms lar
shows showers and storms breaking out over central pennsylvania. they do look to be weakening slightly as they move in but some of these storms turn severe earlier today and we do still have the threat for severe weather later this evening, new in our area especially south and west of philadelphia, you can see that area of rain and thunder, west, now of lancaster county near harrisburg area in york there was a severe thunderstorm warning for that area those storms are drifting to the south and to the east. that batch probably will miss the city of philadelphia, to the south and west, you can see the entire region has been placed in the slight risk for severe weather and that goes through tonight. that means any storm could produce damaging wind rain and also the threat for hail. timing it out on future weather showers and storms move in about 7:00 o'clock tonight. we will see them at anytime even through overnight hours some showers rumble of thunder as you can see off to the south and west and we don't get out of it tomorrow once again tomorrow afternoon start the day with sun but in
group manage by the apt fbi, and with the perfect frantic analysis ever up in pennsylvania, outside of carnegie mellon, the center for technology and analysis, i think it is called. touch with a lot of people on the hill. she is hit the ground running for us on the cyber front. she also helped us to recruit for our assistant secretary for cyber security and communications dr. indandy she has an understanding of the agency. prior to joining us, he was at the white house working with michael daniel at the national security council. he has come in and provided some outstanding leadership along with his deputies. we have got an outstanding team in place working needs cyber issues for us. they continue to attract the best and the brightest. we have a turnover which is to be expected. when you are recruiting really top talent, particularly in the cyber crime context. it is not surprising that the private sector might be able to lure some of them away. it is always a loss and we are always sad to see them go. we lost a couple of our key leaders. andhead of our outreach education program. w
. by 11:00, a chance of a couple showers. farther in the best pennsylvania, things drying out sooner, a chance of showers by 7:00, a lower chance than in philadelphia. and by 10:00, it is mainly dry temperature, 68. i will talk more about the rain we are expecting, not only tonight but tomorrow, the timing of that and the 7-day forecast in a few minutes. >>> other news now burn and bandaged, 20 of non-stop news continues with a social media challenge sweeping the internet, not the ice bucket challenge, rather the fire challenge, something firefighters would warn could turn deadly. you have seen the viral videos ploegt als, all in fun and good cause. the fire challenge is far more dangerous, encouraging teens to pour a flammable liquid on their bodies and light themselves on fire. nbc 10 jersey shore bureau reporter, ted greenberg, has been working the story for us. >> local fire departments are warning parents about this? >> reporter: they are indeed, renee and jim, the new jersey division of fire safe city so concerned about the fire challenge, it sent out this safety alert. i talke
that the hackers have your information, this happened in 24 states, including new jersey and pennsylvania. each ups store is franchised and runs separate computer systems that limited the extent of the attack, there are no cases of fraud so far but customer names, addresses and patient information were compromised. they are offing credit monit monitoring to anyone affected. >>> the do you picked up 61 points and the nasdaq 5.5 and the s&p also racked up the same to close at a new record high. the 28th time the markets set a record this year. bank of america agreed to a $17 billion settlement over mortgage fraud. attorney general, eric holder, announced the deal today, it includes $7 billion in mortgage relief for meowne ar piu inrrtgages before the is thoi oefhonts42, wherenear n is afternoon westbound is ojusn a202ks, it's eastboud eonnenonocs, an bue tlonggs adut foprme at7 ao sr bcaf bre wn sr o the ed out and a nd roaconty theyveal lanes blocked heing down tut b accident. lets grab the ipad and do the commuter report, at this point siesfdms i w >> hi trol delphi thd thked e theame mchcoming
the 515 area. so this storm still means business for sure. a few more strong storms towards pennsylvania and then rain towards west virginia. this is going to move into the region, too. we will see a few sprinkles from this. this starting to die off as we are dealing with a lot of cloud cover. not worried about too much more. besides that one storm. 87 in rockville. 73 rain cooled air. we will continue to watch that. 87 degrees in the washington, d.c. metro area. for tomorrow 88 in fredericksburg and 86 in leesburg. another hot and humid day tomorrow. i expect to see thunderstorms develop tomorrow afternoon. tomorrow evening areas of rain, some heavy. take the umbrella for sure especially after 5:00. i think that is when we have the best chance to see rain. some of the rain may be in the heavy side. saturday we get an easterly flow. the rain comes in, a rather breezy day. a high temperature if we get to 80. most areas in the 70s all day. clearing out on sunday, monday, tuesdaydn thursday. great weather as we look towards next week. the next couple of days a little on the stormy side. i w
, pennsylvania. i'm curious, except for their last-minute interference, it seems like meade and grant really deferred to burnside in the operations. after this disaster, there's, you know, 15,000 union troops involved in this operation. did any of this kind of land in their lap to any extent the responsibility for deferring such an important operation to, you know, burnside? >> not particularly. of course, as meade calls the court of inquiry, he's decided who's going to be on the court, and there are people who don't like burnside, from the battle of fredericksburg in 1862 and the mud march in 1863, so they already have a negative opinion of burnside. he's the civil war's worst general. and meade's recorder is one of his own inspector general from his staff. so none of them are going to say, meade, you're to blame, or grant, you're to blame. they heap the blame on burnside and rightfully with ledlie and ferrero. yes, sir? >> in the film version of the battle, in the movie they made of cold mountain, it's depicted of all the troops black and white kind of pouring into the crater, being trappe
. host: pennsylvania democrat's line. vince. caller: good morning. my question is in 2005 the cheney loopa was put into the energy bill which set up the stage for the fracking boom that we're having nowadays. how does the exemption to the clean air and clean water act ffect the air quality today? guest: hydraulic fracturing which is called fracking. e 2005 issue was that e.p.a. was found to have less control over that some had hoped to have as a regulatory mechanism. there are still rules. some of them are state-driven which folks have concerns about because different states have different levels of stringsy. in controls over things like hydraulic fracturing. so that localizes debates which people would -- some folks would say is a good thing because it provides more local control more local siptssn input but also allows for more politics and local politics to enter into that decision making and i'm sure frats frustrating to many as well. host: cheryl from new hampshire. caller: i would like to know how it can be helping clean air in when there's knox yide the pools all the time chri
hello. this is brian. >> caller: the guy that called from pennsylvania a few minutes ago, he referenced what was going on in ferguson and tried to parallel that with salt lake city, or utah. the media makes those decisions. that's not a decision that individual news outlets make. i mean, it's a big deal in ferguson. this guy was killed by ed -- by the police department. so just to comment on that, i think it's one. i think it makes no sense. but i think to draw parallel between the two is not, is not adequate. thanks. >> host: from michigan, here is john, independent line. >> caller: good morning. how are you tax. >> host: fine, thank you to go ahead. >> caller: i was calling with reference to the situation in ferguson, missouri. i heard people calling and criticizing al sharpton and jesse jackson for showing up. but the parents of michael brown requested that they come to ferguson. and i think the fact the requested should suffice in a. the other comment i have is that i think it's a big deal or good idea that the attorney general chose to visit ferguson because these have b
interpretive at allegheny railroad, jamestown flood in pennsylvania. he took his permanent position same sites following year 1985 serving as a park ranger and later as a resource management visitor protection specialist at the sites there. 1990 he moved to blue ridge parkway here in virginia. while there served as park ranger serving as law enforcement interpretive seasonal rangers in the parkway and also responsible for a living history appalachian farm, seasonal visitors contact stations. he became chief rerng at booker t. washington in 1992, chief of interpretation, he was responsible for interpretation, resource management, fire management and fee collection operations within the site. 1994 supervisory law enforcement independence national historical park and then moved to valley forge 1997 first as supervisory then chief ranger where he managed both law enforcement and interpretation. in 2009 took on the role of interim superintendent in new hampshire. he became superintendent of petersburg national battlefield in 2010 and most recently he served as our acting deputy regional director, c
to run home run in the second. 18-one. pennsylvania will face jackie robinson west and an elimination game tonight. first pitches 6:30 p.m.. >> good to have you joining us. other than having a great coach what is it about the young man that makes it so good? i like to have fun. that is another approach the game. >> to you have any idea of all of the energy and crowds that have been gathering? >> i hear about it. we live in a bout with no television. rear in the dorms. i've been hearing about the love that we have been getting from social media. people calling me and letting me know that the city as proud of us and they're supporting everything. >> >> to me baseball is life. they were ready for whatever. because the race is not pitching. we can use that as momentum. we're going to face the no. 2 guy. the kids are anxious to play today. it wanted to play yesterday. >> right now they're in a game room. it does not seem like it. they are somewhere in the game room. they have been there since lunchtime. no nervousness out of them. not playing baseball until tonight's game. we're going to g
you. >> host: reading, pennsylvania, republican line. >> caller: good morning. i had a question about the situation in ferguson, missouri. our attorney general eric holder has gone down there, yet three days after that, after the shooting in ferguson, in salt lake city, utah, a white man was kneeling on the ground and was told to kneel on the ground and he was shot dead by a black police officer. now, i wonder why there is not the moral outrage of the incident in salt lake city, utah, as there was in ferguson, missouri? i mean, it's just a question i have. you have everything happening in ferguson, and nothing in salt lake city. what's the reason? >> host: what do you think the reason is? >> caller: i haven't the slightest idea. people like jesse jackson and al sharpton and at times going into ferguson, missouri, are creating a hotspot situation just to stir up emotions. and they are completely ignoring the similar circumstance in salt lake city, utah,. >> host: what you think about the involvement of the attorney general and what's going on in missouri and him being there? >> caller:
pennsylvania infantry began excavating the mine on the 25th of june, for whatever reason people remember it started at 12:00 noon. so if you're a detail-oriented person, they left it for us. the work was performed night and day, seven days a week. even in the intense summer heat which often exceeded 105 degrees. the concerns about ventilating the mine were addressed and represented in the images here. fresh air entered an eight inch square wooden duct circulated through creating -- fire was created which would send the bad air out through a chimney shaft. canvas door was placed over the entrance to keep fresh air in and keep, allow miners to get in and out of the shaft. as laborers extended the mine, so, too, with the wooden duct system would be extended and by the 17th of july, the mine will reach the 510.8 feet that pleasants had first proposed. two galleries are going to be extended which was represented in this image at the top. underneath the confederate position in which the gun powder is supposed to be packed. while the 48th pennsylvania infantry dug the mine, ambrose burnside cra
then. host host altoona, pennsylvania, democrats line. here is vince. >> caller: goodn morning. my question is in 2005 the cheney was put in the energy bille which set up stage for fracking boom that we're having nowadays. how does the exemption to the clean air and clean water act affect the air quality today? >> guest: so what the caller is talking about is, hydraulic fracturing which is called fracking, and, the 2005 issue was that epa was found to have less control over that than some had hoped to have as regulatory mechanisms. there are still rules. some of them are states driven which folks have concerns about because different states have different levels of stringency in controls over things like hydraulic fracturing. so that localizes debates which people would, some folks would say isld a good thing because it provide more local control, more local citizen input. but it also allows for more politics and local politics to enter into some of that decision making. i'm sure that is frustrating to many as well. >> host: cheryl from new hampshire, independent line. hi. >> calle
the south side of chicago, and abc's gio benitez is at the stadium in south williamsport, pennsylvania, with all the news. good morning to you, gio. >> reporter: oh, good morning, lara. you're right. she did have a rough game. but tonight we're going to be talking about the two teams that have just captivated this nation showing everyone that the little leagues, they're pretty major. tonight, two of the most talked about teams in the little league world series coming face to face and only one will continue on. south side chicago's jackie robinson west team defying the odds, the first little league team from chicago to make it to the world series in 31 years, becoming a social media craze and beacons of hope for some of the most dangerous neighborhoods in the country. >> it's over. a complete game. >> reporter: on the other bench philadelphia's taney dragons and their star, mo'ne davis, now gracing the cover of this week's "sports illustrated." she made history with a pitch perfect game friday. the first shutout by a girl in series history. overnight davis took to the mound again with m
. thank you. host: pennsylvania, republican line. caller: good morning. i have a question about the situation in ferguson, missouri. that are attorney general eric holder has gone down there, yet three days after that, after the shooting in ferguson, in celtic -- salt lake city, utah, a white man was kneeling on the ground and he was shot officer. black police now, i wonder why there is not the moral outrage of the utahent in salt lake city, as there was in ferguson, missouri? i mean, it is just a question i have. you have everything happening in ferguson, nothing in salt lake city. what is the reason? host: what do you think the reason is? caller: i haven't the slightest idea. people like jesse jackson and how sharpton and the out-of-towners going into ferguson, missouri, are creating a hot spot situation just to stir up emotions. and they're completely ignoring similar circumstance in salt lake city, utah. host: what do you think about the involvement of the attorney general and him being there? host: i don't think it is necessary for him to be there. host: why so? caller: it
officer in johnstown flood in pennsylvania. he took his first position at those same sites, the following year in 1985 serving as ranger and later resource management visitor protection specialist at the sites there. 1990 he moved to the parkway here in virginia. while there he served as a law enforcement rangerer with the added duties of supervising law enforcement and the interpretive seasonal rangers and he was responsible for a living history appalachian farm and seasonal visitor contact stations. he became the chief ranger of booker t. washington in 1992, as the chief of interpretation he was responsible for the interpretation, visitor protection, resource management, fire management and fee collection operations within the site. in 1994 he became the supervisory park ranger of law enforcement independence national historical park then moved to valley forge in 1997, first as a soup visesory park ranger and later as the chief ranger where he managed law enforcement and interpretation. and in 2009 took on the role of interim superintendent at st. go din's national historic site in new
in pennsylvania. and it's tom wolf who'll be the governor we need. he'll make the gas companies pay up to fund our schools. build a 21st century infrastructure. and restore manufacturing for the jobs we need today. take a look at his plan for yourself. >> hello. >> we're in the dog days of summer. time to celebrate by sprucing up your dog. >> four leg friends. >> how about give it a. >> the. >> the hotel monaco right around the corner fifth and chestnut will be celebrating national dog day next tuesday with a pop up puppy boutique. >> basically a spa for your dog, right, sue? >> absolutely, and you know hotel monaco, this is march kay's from hotel monaco, they're dog friendly. so if you are traveling with your pooch, you can stay there. yes, and here is ray, from operation avenue a all of the proceeds from dog day on tuesday, at the hotel monaco, go to your organization go that's right. >> you save a lot of animals. >> yes, we do. and these guess are here from operation avenue a getting their first bath. >> oh, bruce is so excited. newark is bruce a puppy? >> bruce is three and a half month old p
representing pennsylvania. they're from center city, philadelphia. davis the first girl to ever win a game as a pitcher in the little league world series. pennsylvania trying to give davis some run support early. bottom first with two on. jack rice with a shot but barker makes the catch and davis can't believe it. nevada up 1-0 and jumped on davis in the first inning and then dallon cave with a two-run home run. nevada up 3-0. davis would finish with 55 pitches, 6 strikeouts so eligible to pitch saturday if her team gets that far. brennan holligan with a fly ball. nevada wins it 8-1 in the u.s. championship game. pennsylvania will take on illinois thursday. >>> listen, garrett richards may be the best pitcher who wasn't an all-star. e.r.a. fifth in the a.l. the angels' ace, the angels are just playing -- and, look, richards down against the red sox, and it looks bad. patella injury, knee injury and the angels are calling up two players on thursday, two pitchers. we'll know more thursday. josh hamilton has been awful lately, but he had a pretty good game and drove his first rbi since august
here. they don't look back. nevada dominates 8-1 advancing to saturday. pennsylvania faces illinois on thursday for a chance to join in in the championship as well. >>> an intense fight breaking outs at buffalo bills training camp. they're on the same team here. this happened during a goal line drill. ryan johnson laying two punches on him before the team intervened. head coach saying he is not a fan of this. >> it hurts the integrity of our game the more we talk about it. that's how i feel about fighting. >> no word on any potential penalties or punishments so far. zimplt the entire tennessee titans team taking the als bucket challenge. former teammate jim sean nominated all of them. he revealed also tuesday he was diagnosed with that disease. michael jordan also taking the challenge. he not only nominated phil jackson and his dream team teammates to take the challenge, but he will also donate some cash. since the start of the challenge donations to the als association have topped $32 million. look at those ice cubes rolling off his head. >>> an nba team took to twitter with the _#
: nearly 35,000 people were at the ballpark in south williamsport, pennsylvania. many hoping to see a repeat of last friday night when davis's 70-mile-an-hour fastball made her the first player to pitch a shutout. the 13-year-old became an overnight sensation, and wednesday became the first little leaguer, male or female, to be featured on the cover of "sports illustrated." monet's mom says it's been a whirlwind experience. >> i think it's starting to overwhelm her right now. >> reporter: that seemed to show against the powerful las vegas lineup. she allowed three pivotal runs early on. >> all the media attention. all the things she's done. maybe the little lady is tired. >> reporter: in the third inning the coach pulled her from the mound. hoping to save her arm for the next game. the philadelphia taney dragons never made up the difference. the final score was 8-1, but the dragons aren't out yet. if they beat chicago thursday, they'll rematch with las vegas. you can be sure moan she'll be back. matt rivers for cbs news, south williamsport, pennsylvania. >>> some encouraging news fo
gregory weinstein from the university of pennsylvania. doctor, good to see you. >> good to be here. >> explain to me again exactly what's mouth cancer? how does it manifest itself? >> the most common way of mouth cancer will present is with a painful leagues in the mouth or throat, it doesn't resolve, or lump in the neck. >> is that what ned. >> he had a lump in his neck. thousand first came to light. >> and another little father up in his mouth? >> not clear from the description he's given in his radio interview yesterday, the exact location, but his doctors in boston have said it is in his mouth. >> apparently he's been dealing with this for quite a while. you say you heard necessary remission? >> he is now at the end whenever is treatment. the treatment itself took about seven weeks, and then he had several months of recovery, and now that he's healthy enough, he's come out discussing it with the public, fortunately. >> and good. >> absolutely good. it is due to the willingness and bravery of people like curt schilling, that are out there talking about the disease, which lets th
in parks and recreation and slippery rock university in pennsylvania. he also have a graduate of the federal law enforcement training center with both basic law enforcement and criminal investigator background. it's my privilege to introduce you to the superintendent, lewis rogers. >> thanks, chris. i appreciate that introduction. i am very, very honored to be here today. and i want to take some time while i'm here to let you know just what this means to me. when i was a child, i can remember sitting in front of the tv. and this goes back a ways back when black and white movies still dominated tv. this goes back a ways, you know, when 12:00 came and the tv actually went off. i can remember sitting in front of the tv late at night and i remember watching those old war movies. i remember watching the ledger necks john wayne as he flew through the air. i remember watching those guys as they fought in battle. and as the soldiers fought and cried and died and fought for freedom, i can remember all those things. and i fell in love with those movies. it inspired me. it motivated me.
and so far 13-year-old mo'ne davis, she's been the talk of williamsport, pennsylvania. she even landed on this week's "sports illustrated" cover, but, you know, as we know that's not always a good thing because of the dreaded "s.i." curse. a huge crowd was on hand last night to watch mo'ne pitch in a semifinals game. early on, she was just mowing batters down. mo'ne struck out six in 2 1/3, but in the end the big bats from las vegas were just too good. they got the win, 3-1, to advance to the championship game. mo'ne and her team from filly will now play chicago in an elimination game tonight. >>> tony stewart will not race in this weekend's nascar event in tennessee. it's the third straight stuart r stewart has skipped since his car struck and killed kevin ward jr. during a dirt track race earlier this month. the head of stewart racing team says he's grieving and isn't yet ready to get back in the car. >>> finally, here's some great news to start your morning w.hall of fame quarterback jim kelly is cancer-free. kelly underwent several rounds of chemotherapy and radiation in the spring
but this will be a little bit more prominent in our area too. we had steady rain through central pennsylvania yesterday. most o finally start to creep over the delaware valley and with that will come uplift to give us showers and storms going. we will have to dodge that later in the day. let's talkiú tropics quickly. we are keeping a close watch on an area of disturb weather. it is not an organize storm yet and yet to achieve depression status but you can see how is there more organization starting to show up here and we do think that the next few days this i will pose tropical trouble. specifically that may be an issue for island in the path but notice these models, kind of go all over the place. at this point the center lane would take it over bohamas and if it were to become named system it would be christoball but again a lot of uncertainty but there will be conducive factors for to it develop. warmer water less wind sheer, dry airing ago way, all of those things can get that going. we have to keep an eye on it. that is bottom line. today pack here at home watch for late day showers and storms. i
for daily use and a 30-tablet free trial. >>> that's a live picture right now williamsport, pennsylvania. just a few hours ago, the sensation mo'ne davis was on the bump. more than 30,000 people. it was like 35,000 actually turned out to see her. she is just off the cover of "sports illustrated" at 13 years old leading her philly team against a squad against las vegas. she struck out six batters in 2 1/3 innings and gave you three runs and left the game after 55 pitches on a pitch count. the short start means davis will be eligible to pitch in tonight's elimination game. they lost last night but they get another chance tonight. 8-1 vegas won last night. vegas advances to the u.s. title game on saturday. if pennsylvania can win tonight against chicago and mo'ne davis pitches tonight and they have a chance to play on saturday for the title. what an incredibly story. >> remember harvey updike. the alabama fan arrested for poisoning a tree. he pleaded guilty to the crime and spent time in jail. now updike make his amends with the auburn community after agreeing to attend a charity event in s
miles per hour on the pennsylvania turn spike. this is 95 at the cottman avenue interchange. all is quiet there. the vine expressway from 95 to broad street, eventually into 76 you see both direction on the vine very quiet. 76, we see congestion out there but no big delays to report. this is 76 right at belmont avenue. you can see some pocketing of volume on 76. your drive time is 15 minutes in both directions between the blue route and the vine, tracy. >>> cross country murders from new jersey to washington. this is the man charged. and police say he's placing blame on the u.s. government. >>> and be careful where you drink. the h2o in two delaware valley communities may not be as presl pristine as you might think. >>> just about quarter after 6:00 right now. a live look at the city skyline in philadelphia. brittney shipp says she's tracking showers and thunderstorms for later today. we'll get the timing coming up in just a few minutes. >>> another man has pleaded guilty that that drug ring that police say supplied marijuana and cocaine to several high schools and colleges on th
. i still feel good about this team. chris o'connell is live in williamsport, pennsylvania, hi, chris. >> hey, mike. yes, they feel good about this team. i mean, this team is known for, you know, being down, but not out. all season long, seems like every game, they're behind, they come from, you know, the box score last night, yes, they got thumped. but going into the last inning, still three-one, they were still in this. and they may end up facing this las vegas team on saturday, if they win, tonight. but, last night, just too much for the taney dragons. las vegas team celebrating after the win last night, yes, taney had their chances, coming in here, as a hometown favorite, 34,000 fans tow stadium last night, but they couldn't pull out one of their come from behind signature wins. talking with the team, you can't tell they lost last night, just after a win, they don't get too hi, after a lost, they don't get too low. parents know this all too well. they've been seeing this team all season long. we caught up with a couple of par efforts after the game last night. >> the kids have to
goes for the university of pennsylvania, students moving in along spruce street. you can stay up to date with the traffic backup and down load app for iphone and android devices by going to cbs drive. erika and natasha, back over to you. >>> well, the word is robin williams will be honored at the m.a. wards. >> billy crystal will deliver the tribute for him. williams and crystal were good friend and they co starred in the movie fathers day. a tribute will take place during the in memorial portion of the show. the 66th annual prime time emmy awards airs this coming monday night. >>> beyonce and jay-z don't have to be on the run anymore. a new report released by u.s. treasury department states the that the power couple did not violate any sanctions laws during their visit to cuba last year. their trip sparked discussion that the two might have engaged into your wrist activities that are illegal under u.s. embargo against cuba under current law and regulation travel to the island nation is only permitted under license. >>> how would you like to race around the world
could eventually find new homes in pennsylvania. officials sell us those dogs were living out without clean water, food and shelter. the humane society says they'll try to look for adigit homes in northern virginia, western maryland and harrisburg, pennsylvania. and the human society sent us that video of how the dogs looked when they were found. some of the animals are extremely underweight. and they have untreated medical conditions including broken legs and open wounds. >>> well, a pregame tradition at penn state university is no more. the school's athletic department has ended the blue van tailgate pep rallies. those were held before the games at penn state's basketball arena. officials say they're looking at new ways to get the fans involved with the football team including accompanying them as they arrive at beaver stadium. >>> from our trenton bureau, new jersey high school students are now required to learn cpr. under a new law, lessons will be taught to all charter students in the ninth and 12th grades. the students will not have to be certified. >>> 5:49 right now. mo'ne dav
today, pennsylvania state senator is calling for an investigation, now into the conditions at philadelphia public schools. state senator vincent hughes has discussed school funding, live with us before. now this have afternoon hughes is releasing a report on how state funding cuts have impacted the city schools. he has a detail on how parents can file formal complaints with the state department of education. >>> also some new developments this morning in the crisis in the middle east. hamas officials say three senior military leaders were just killed in an israeli air strike in the gaza strip. dozens of people were also trapped in the ruble of a building targeted bias rail. >>> it was a more peaceful night in ferguson, missouri after two weeks of violent protests there. six people were taken in custody last night but police did not fire any tear gas. u.s. attorney general eric holder met with community members and fbi investigators yesterday. a grand jury also began hearing evidence in the shooting death of michael brown. but it could take weeks to determine if whether or n
. nevada dominates 8-1 advancing to the championship game saturday. pennsylvania faces illinois thursday. the winner there also goes to the championship too. >>> and intense fight to tell you about breaking out at buffalo bills training camp. yeah, they're on the same team. brian johnson ripping off center eric wood's helmet. then playing two punches on him before the team intervened. the head coach, not so happy. >> it hurts the integrity of our game the more we talk about it. that's how i feel about fighting. >> no words on any potential penalties or punishment. >>> the entire tennessee titans team taking on the als bucket challenge. jim shaw nominating all of them. shaw, by the way, revealing just tuesday he was diagnosed with that disease. michael jordan also taking the challenge. not only nominated phil jackson and his dream team teammates to take that challenge, but to donate some cash. donations to the als association have topped $32 million. and a lot of ice cubes rolling off a head just like that. >>> nba teams taking to twitter with the #nba movies to spoof movie photos. the ph
jfhprovidence, an accidet keokuk road. for drivers in bucks county, pennsylvania avenue, very quiet in both directions. no accidents to report on route 1. keep in mind, we still have that construction, 95, southbound of cottman avenue. traffic is moving along just fine there. drive times are looking great on the majors. 95 southbound from woodhaven to the vine. 14 minutes on 76 westbound from the vine out to the blue route. 18 minutes from 95 to 76. >> announcer: now your nbc10 "first alert" weather with meteorologist brittney shipp. >>> good morning. we'll see showers and storms as we head into the rest of your afternoon. stormy on tap for us. then a cool stretch as the front drops our temperatures down into the 70s. a fall-like weekend for us. once we get rid of these showers and storms. for philadelphia, 69 degrees right now. clouds and humidity at 84%. and a closer look at the rest our temperatures 62 degrees in poconos. 70 degrees in allen town. a mild start in wilmington, 69 degrees. stone harbor at 72. 65 currently in atlantic city. the temperature trends show the average for this time of year
ready for tonight's game against pennsylvania. we are there. trendy everyone to wear yellow today in support. >> i had won the yellow tie and look so awful it wouldn't work. but i support them anyway. good morning, i'm dan ponce. and i'm nancy loo in for erin. let's go to tim mcgill in for demetrius, for a check of the weather. >> i didn't get that memo. i have a little bit of yellow. starting off mild and monday. temperatures in the '60s 66 in waukegan. a little warmer in willamette. we do have some storms back towards naperville and crown point ahead of a warm front trying to moved off. we have some scattered storms and maybe some heavy downpours. low is expected in the middle part of the day before storms redevelop. highs today in the upper 80s. best chance for storms this morning between 7:00 p.m. tonight and overnight as well. nineties mar was some scattered storms. 91 sunday and monday. slight chance of storm sunday and monday. it will feel like 100 degrees or more. would then cooled down into the 80s mid-week. >> any update from the tollways this morning on a serious crash
street and cross field road and the pennsylvania turnpike between exits 6 and 5, il rngreus staonn, 7de a., b'mtingthdoulde q olstoy.o ar w usenbl lawak t rs10 ra picte tast chnd aoter>> $7 billion will tf los mpy oin c pl te llry isl. c pl te llry enturein n' try nfat y i'y amy. mm.. n' ! k,ecsnack! dannon oikos. ppo.waien le ofmuusay gray 'rso pntro ladllpeel tewiob daomngta undse c ppluc ingoneusfoheec n edeicg t ouri>> dfi fil horro rson: haede because there's nothing more exhilarating aride rson: haede placliassaand alto thrause there's nothing rsat exhilarating aride rson: haede avo: hurry in and you can get a rertion ornbiwe un up in t ehe a.ugustd.omhihaug the agdi
two in pennsylvania, one in monroeville, other in edwardsville. the exposed information includes names, card numbers and postal and e-mailhe a attack. the it seems like every couple weeks we have a new company that we're talking about with these data breaches. >> yeah, it is scar which ups. >> yes, i know. >> crazy. >> thank you. >>> coming up afafter the break, weather and traffic on the three's. >> we will be right back. >>> here's traffic and weather together. good morning, bob. >> good morning. live lot at paving operation underway on the roosevelt boulevard northbound right here near ninth street. only the right lane is open. a couple weeks ago they came back and milled the roadway. last night they are putting down the new nice smooth layer of blacktop there. that is all part of the boulevard construction, all the the way up into the state line. here's a live look at i-95 right here near the airport where the cones are still down. if you are heading north on i-95, pay attention, and be ready to hit the the brakes as awe approach the airport interchange. updating our situation here
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